The Importance of Using an ASIN

20 Apr 04 00:00

Using an ASIN (Attribute Specific Unique Identifier) can be a powerful tool to identify your product. As an example, if you sell headphones online, you may want to send your customers through an ISBN so they know exactly where to go for the latest brand. This can help your customer decide which products to buy and how often to buy them.

The Multi-Level Matrix of ASINs is a complex system of linked numbers, which is the basis for most identifying information. An ASIN is a code number assigned to a product and must be uniquely assigned by the International Standard Organization (ISO). The ISO oversees and regulates the different nations in the world that create these codes.

When an ASIN is created, it is allocated by assigning a particular code number and then a letter code between one and nine, A-Z, Aa-z. These are the country codes assigned to various parts of the world.

The UK, Ireland, Norway, Netherlands, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Luxembourg, Austria, Portugal, and Switzerland are the countries that do not use ISO countries. Therefore, if you're using an ASIN in a country that doesn't use ISO, you'll need to know the country code.

The UK and Ireland are the two countries that have unique codes: 0123456789, which is their main capital code and the letter "I" is the first letter of each capital letter and the number "9" is the fourteenth letter. If you're using an ASIN in a country where there is no country code, you'll need to know the ISO code and the province code.

The ISO is a European organization and there are three sub-organizations that deal with these countries. The provinces are different in each country and you'll need to know what they are, which are usually derived from their area code. The ISO provinces are:

If you're using an ASIN in a country where there is no ISO or province code, you'll need to know the ISO code and the area code. The province code is found in the first three digits of the area code and is on the second three digits. You'll need to find these two digits on the six digits on the back of the ASIN.

The counties in the UK have their own ISO area code: +44. If you're using an ASIN in a country where there is no ISO or country code, you'll need to know the region code.

The counties in the UK are completely different in each region of the country. There are four regions: the North West, Yorkshire and the Humber, East Midlands, and East of England.

Some ASINs have an additional sub-code: the ISBN. When using an ISBN, you'll need to make sure that it's only available in certain countries.

The countries you should make sure to check include: EFTA countries and non-EFTA countries. There is also a United Kingdom code: AU39, which you can use as well.

As you can see, if you use an ASIN, you will need to know the exact location of the country or ISO where you're using the product. It can be helpful to have an internet search or ask your supplier to assist you in finding the correct location.

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